About Us

About Us

“Geek” – be or become extremely excited or enthusiastic about a subject, typically one of specialist or minority interest.
and that is exactly what Geek-Shop is all about.

Geek-Shop is the trading name of Geek Shop Online Ltd, who work alongside TLMartin Ltd which was set up in 2002 as an IT Consultancy by me, Tristan Martin while I was at University studying Internet Technology. I then went on while running the company in the background to become a Computer Science teacher in a secondary school for 10 years. During these 14 of university and teaching I realised I had 4 main passions in life and for the next chapter of my life I wanted to make sure they were a key part of my working life.

I am sure you can guess with the IT background of university and my life in teaching Computers were one of my passions. This is why TLMartin Ltd continues as an IT Consultancy striving forward to bring great value and working IT for home user and SME’s (http://www.tlmartin.ltd.uk). However with leaving teaching I still had a huge passion for education, and this was something I still wanted to contribute to. Not just in IT (which is done through the TLMartin Ltd), but also the core skills of Numeracy, Literacy, Computational Thinking, and any area allowing a person to find other ways to develop their knowledge, but by having fun. Naturally working with kids it meant I had to keep my finger on the pulse with pop culture… which is where my 3rd and 4th passions came from. Those amazing collectibles to all those TV series that would hook me into watching them and of course the gaming area whether video games (modern day and retro) and boardgames.

When I had decided to leave my teaching career and push forward my own business I knew that not only would I want the IT Consultancy, but to be really me I would need to involve these 3 other passions of mine and this is where Geek-Shop was born. My aim for it is to be a great online shop with a wide area of Geeky Collectible and Gaming items, as well as providing Geeky educational items, things that aren’t normally in the classroom, but would engage learners in order to pick up new skills all helping to contribute to their future.

I do hope you enjoy your time on this shop and find many exciting items to buy and unleash your inner geek.

The Legal Bit

Geek-Shop is the trading name of Geek Shop Online Ltd Company No. 11123947

Registered Address: 2 Shaw Park Business Village, Shaw Road, Wolverhampton, WV10 9LE

Tel: 03300 904200